Want to bring your activities or business into the online, digital and eCommerce space? Speak to Komach about how we help our clients build secure, user friendly websites within a short time frame, and at an affordable price.

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Print ready designs

Are you looking for promotional material to publish digitally, or for printing? Komach provides a full design service, from namecards, logos, flyers, brochures, banners, advertisements, and even custom made sizes.

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Content management

Looking for someone to help write, and manage content? We can help create easy to read, search engine optimized content. Komach provides both writing, and content optimization services.

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About Komach

We’re an independent design and web development agency with offices in Singapore and Sydney. We are strongly passionate about helping our clients achieve their design and digital presence goals.

Work directly with us to design for your next event, or grow your business online. We pride ourselves on delivering true value for business, our customer service, quick turnaround, and reliability.

The Komach team has professionals with experience working in Marina Bay Sands to promote events, a consultant in Singapore, an account executive from a Sydney based marketing agency. Our experience in-house marketing has allowed us to understand the challenges of marketing from a business perspective.

We have helped a broad range of clients with their events, and launch their online presence. We also enjoy helping recreational clubs and societies promote themselves digitally, and design promotional material for events.


Next Steps:

Ready to create a website, design promotional materials, request help with content management? Contact Komach and find out how we can provide you with you next website and designs solution.